Unimus’ Campuses

Unimus’ Campuses

By 2015, the University of Muhammadiyah Semarang has had adequate facilities and infrastructure, land as well as buildings and the equipment and tools provided to facilitate the educational activities. Those are subject to sustainable improvements either physically or in term of the the utilizations. In detail, Unimus’ campuses are as follows:

Kampus Terpadu Unimus
Unimus’ Integrated Campus
Campus 1, Integrated Campus, located at Jl. Kedungmundu Raya No. 18 Semarang, occupying an area of 72,000 meters square, consisting of the rectorate building, mosque, student boarding house, Nursing Research Centre (NRC) building, building for student activities (PKM), sports center, health laboratory building, and Unimus Medical Center (UMC)Lokasi

Unimus’ Kedungmundu II Campus
Campus 2, Kedungmundu, occupying an area of 4,300 meters square, designed for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Faculty of DentistryLokasi

Kampus Unimus di Wonodri
Unimus’ Wonodri Campus
Campus 3, Wonodri, menempati tanah seluas 1,650 m2 dimanfaatkan untuk Fakultas KedokteranLokasi

Kampus Unimus Kasipah
Unimus’ Kasipah Campus
Campus 4, Kasipah, occupying an area of 2,205 meters square, designed for the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Foreign Language and Culture Lokasi

Kampus Unimus Wonolopo
Unimus’ Wonolopo Campus
Campus 5, Wonolopo The laboratory of Public Health, located in Wonolopo, accupying an area of 2,000 meters square Lokasi