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The average age of the respondent farm workers (n = 189) was 32.4 (0.8) years old

View this table:View inlineView popupAnalysis of the educational status of the respondent farm workers (n = 189) showed that 25 (13.2%) had a university degree, 81 (42.9%) had finished secondary school, 42 (22.2%) had finished preparatory school, 25 (13.2%) had passed primary school, and 16 (8.5%) were illiterate. A total of 139 (73.5%) were married; only seven (5.0%) had no children. In addition, 64 (33.9%) were smokers.The questions related to the type of agricultural field and planted crops illustrated that 109 (57.7%) were growing their crops in both open and closed fields, 59 (31.2%) were growing their crops in open fields, and 21 (11.1%) were growing their crops in closed fields.

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