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What you be drinking

What you be drinking: Beer continues to gain popularity in Ethiopia, and there plenty local brews to choose from. Knock back a fair bit of St. George Beer (a refreshing lager named for the country patron saint and brewed since the early Bedele pale lager, and Harar popular stout.

When I visited on a sunny but cold December day, there was only one musician, a saxophonist, playing under Washington Square s stone arch, but at weekends the park fills with rap and jazz musicians playing to tourists and students. Bikes are not officially allowed inside the square, but there are Citibike stations around it, so it s easy to park and walk around. Jack Kerouac wrote The Subterraneans and Tristessa while living here and, in a darker episode, Valerie Solanas was staying in room 214 in 1968, when she became infamous for stalking and then shooting Andy Warhol.

Karli Ann Ingersoll Oh my gosh! ALL the memories. We used to go to Zip’s so much when I was a kid. My dad’s family live in Deer Park, and we would often go to the Zip’s there with my grandparents who have long ago passed away. At least one mechanical keyboard seems to exist for every conceivable taste these days. Want something that lights up the room with every color under the rainbow? Dozens of options are available from every manufacturer. Want something cheap? Mechanical keyboards are available with off brand mechanical switches for around $30 shipped from Amazon.

Yet, in leading Republicans away from globalism to economic nationalism, Trump is not writing a new gospel. He is leading a lost party away from a modernist Wholesale Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping heresy back to the Old Time Religion. In restating his commitment to the issues that separated him from the other Republicans and won him Wisconsin, http://www.cheapjerseyschinadiscount.com/ Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, however, Trump reaffirmed aspects of conservatism dear to his audience.

If you the manager of a hotel or restaurant in Prince Rupert or Niagara Falls, you probably pretty giddy with joy about the rapid slide of the Canadian dollar. After all, your prices have dropped something like 25% for Americans thinking of a holiday in Canada. And are instead bumping up your bottom line by vacationing locally.

Apple declined to comment on Friday. But a day before Samsung launch, marketing chief Phil Schiller attacked Google Android operating system, saying that the majority of its users were stuck on older versions. He also said Apple internal research showed four times as many consumers were switching to iOS from Android than vice versa.

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