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Vision and Missions


To be an excellent, distinctive, technology-based and international-minded university


  1. To conduct international-quality higher education relevant to the needs of society based on Islamic values
  2. To conduct excellent, distinctive, and technology-based learning
  3. To develop researches and excellent community services on international level in line with the development of science and technology
  4. To create graduates who are competent in their field and able to provide jobs for the society
  5. To develop an academic atmosphere based on Islamic values
  6. To create professional and Islamic governance (accountable and transparent)
  7. To cooperate with other institutions and communities for developing the education, research, and community services
  8. To develop an independent business to support the management of higher education and academicians’ welfare
  9. To develop and utilize technology in order to support administrative services, information and communication


  1. To enhance the quantity and quality of the students and create faithful, devoted, professional, responsible, and independent graduates
  2. To enhance the human resource’s quality through broader education, and training as well as to develop foreign language ability, information technology, and Al Islam Kemuhammadiyahan
  3. To enhance the quality and quantity of researches and scientific publications for the academicians
  4. To conduct researches and scientific publications at international and national levels that give contributions to education, science and technology, as well as cultural enrichment of the nation
  5. To enhance internal and external services for the sake of stakeholders’ satisfactions
  6. To develop training and services to the community in order to increase community’s welfare
  7. To transform Unimus into by developing a management system that is transparent, effective, efficient, creative and productive with a quality management and trustworthy
  8. To actualize a program relevance, a conducive, quality, autonomous, accountable, and accredited through sustainable evaluations with an excellent quality assurance
  9. The live up the Islamic value in the academicians and staff
  10. To actualize region-wide, nationwide, and worldwide mutual partnerships
  11. To maintain the Islamic values in the life of the academicians and all staff
  12. To establish mutual partnerships with other institutions