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Student Activity Unit of University Student Nature Lovers

The activities of Unimus Student Nature Lovers (Mapala Unimus) are:

  • Mass climbing by the entire committee members and prospective new members, usually on the Mount Ungaran;
  • Annual Basic Education attended by the entire committee members and prospective new members. Basic Education is the follow-up of the mass climbing;
  • Search and Rescue (SAR) training, to prepare the entire members to deal with any natural disasters;
  • Tree planting in the campus area;
  • Dispatching delegation to take part in wall/rock climbing competitions, locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally.


Student Activity Unit of Sports

Futsal: this branch of Student Activity Unit of Sports routinely holds training twice a week with a coach. Meanwhile, competitions where it usually takes part in include futsal tournaments organized by other higher education institutions, Provincial-level University Student Sports Week (POM Rayon I Jawa Tengah), national-level competitions, and an annual tournament between study programs held by Unimus.

Badminton: this branch has a weekly training agenda, held on Tuesdays at Graha Wahid Sports Center. Tournaments where it usually takes part include USM CUP and Provincial-level University Student Sports Week (POM Rayon I Jawa Tengah). In spite of having not yet won trophies, Unimus’ badminton always has a delegation in order to give experiences to the athletes.

Volleyball: this branch trains weekly on Unimus volleyball court. Routine competitions where it takes part are Unimus Student Sports Week (POM Unimus) and Provincial-level University Student Sports Week (POM Rayon I Jawa Tengah)


Student Activity Unit of Tapak Suci Martial Art

Muhammadiyah Mens’ Tapak Suci Martial Art is one of the martial arts originally from Muhammadiyah that has got a lot of achievements not only on the level of Semarang but also Central Java Province and National levels through both Provincial-level University Student Sports Week (POM Rayon I Jawa Tengah) and National-level University Student Sports Week (POM Nasional) in addition to some participation in tournaments held by other institutions. This unit trains twice a week.


UKM Tae  Kwon Do

Student Activity Unit of Tae Kwon Do has the members from various study programs and has had good achievements locally,  regionally, and nationally.


Student Activity Unit of Entrepreneurship

It is one of student activity units that educates the students how to be a real entrepreneur by creating young businessmen. Activities done by the unit include providing canteen for students, organizing seminars on entrepreneurship, organizing a young entrepreneur competition in form of entrepreneurial proposal competition.


Student Activity Unit of Arts

Student Activity Unit of Arts facilitates young talents whose hobby is singing and those who like dancing. The routine agenda of the unit includes routine training (for which Unimus has provided with complete equipment) and routine participation in band festivals for students in Central Java Province, organizing music corner, and routine participation in the university’s events.


Student Activity Unit of Communication

Journalistics: The unit branch does activities related to the news by publishing Sang Pencerah tabloid quarterly. The contents are about the student organizations’ activities and the campus.

Radio: In terms of broadcasting, Unimus has a community radio named UREKA FM (107.7 FM). It aims at informing widely to the public the activities done by Unimus student organizations as well as entertaining the listeners with music and trivial news.

Unimus TV : Unimus has already owned a mini TV studio that is ready to operate with the available equipment (the permission is being proceeded).


Student Activity Unit of Student Regiment

University Student Regiment of 958 Battalion / Ahmad Dahlan is a student activity unit with high discipline because of trained directly by the Indonesian Army through the Basic Education annually held at RINDAM Diponegoro in Magelang. Prior to the Basic Education, Pre-basic Education is held as a method of selection for the prospective members. Besides, Unimus Student Regiment also frequently takes part in humanitarian activities by helping people suffering from natural disasters.


Student Activity Unit of Gema

Anti-narchotics Student Movement (Gerakan Mahasiswa Anti Napza/Gema) is one of student activity units that facilitates the students’ aspirations concerning anti-narchotic movements. The activities it routinely organizes include holding socializations on the danger of narchotics and seminars on narchotics with national-level speakers.


Student Activity Unit of Scout

With the establishment of Racana Ahmad Dahlan and Siti Walidah, Unimus scout is ready to participate in both municipal-level and provincial-level events related to scout.


Student Activity Unit of Student Choir

Student Activity Unit of Choir has a routine activity that is a vocal training to prepare the team to participate in the university’s events as well as in other institutions’ events and competitions.


Student Activity Unit of Hisbul Wathan


Student Activity Unit of GO Unimus