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Unimus has inaugurated 27 new doctors.

New Doctors from the Faculty of Medicine at Unimus was signing the professional oath report, witnessed by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Unimus.

Semarang │(August 5, 2017) Faculty of Medicine (Fakultas Kedokteran/FK) at Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang (Unimus) held and the 12th oath ceremony for 27 new doctors who have graduated from the Doctor Profession Program at Unimus. The procession was led by the Dean of the faculty (Prof. Dr. dr. H. Rifki Muslim., SpB., SpU) in Raffles Room, Semesta Hotel. Attenting the event were the Rector of Unimus (Prof. Dr. H. Masrukhi MPd), Chairman of Muhammadiyah Regional Executive Board of Semarang (Dr. dr. Shofa Chasani., SpPD, KGH), dr. Arif Setyo Wibowo MKes (representing the head of Central Java Provincial Health Office) and several members of Muhammadiyah Provincial Executive Board of Central Java. Those being inaugurated have passed the Doctor Profession Program Student Competency Test (Uji Kompetensi Mahasiswa Program Profesi Dokter/UKMPPD) in May, 2017. By today, 150 doctors graduated from Unimus have been serving in various places throughout Indonesia as well as abroad.

27 new doctors from the Faculty of Medicine at Unimus took a professional oath.

Prof. Rifki stated in the welcome speech that the oath ceremony was very important prior to starting the profession as a doctor, as an oath to the God, people, as well as himself/herself in order to work professionally and with a noble character. “If a medical doctor is not arrogant, every patient would feel protected, well-respected, as well as it will become a way of keeping the doctor’s dignity” the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Unimus stated. He added that the Faculty of Medicine at Unimus would improve itself by aiming at accredited A in 2022 as well as establishing a master degree in medicine in 2018. He believed that the achievement of the Faculty of Medicine at Unimus is increasing from year to year. “Today, there are 83 faculties of Medicine in Indonesia including state-owned and private ones, 17 of which are accredited A, 29 are accredited B, and 37 are accredited C. Among the 29 faculties with accreditation B, the Faculty of Medicine at Unimus is one of them, as a faculty from a Muhammadiyah Higher Education Institutions (Perguruan Tinggi Muhammadiyah/PTM). We always attempt to improve ourselves, either in terms of the infrastructure or accreditation” revealed the Dean.

To the new doctors, the dean advised to always improve the competencies and knowledge through attending various scientific meetings like trainings, seminars, and workshops. “Nowadays, news doctors can get a hardskill in form of a license as a doctor. However, a lot of researches show that softskill is what brings a doctor to become a successful person.. The manifestations of the softskill include good communication skills, skills of how to express aspirations properly, foreign language skills, etcetera.” the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine explained.

Rector of Unimus was delivering a welcome speech.

Prof. Dr. H. Masrukhi, M.Pd., as the Rector of Unimus, stated that “..the improvement of infrastructure of the Faculty of Medicine today, which has been accredited B, is really needed by the future doctors so that Unimus is now constructing a 7-floor building of the Faculty of Medicine, located in the Integrated Campus of Unimus on Kedungmundu street. “After the building’s construction is finished, learning processes for the students of the Doctor Profession Program will still be held in the Wonodri Campus integrated with Roemani Hospital; meanwhile, learning at the academic stage will be held in the Integrated Campus in Kedungmundu area, a very representative place for learning,” stated the Rector. He added that the Faculty of Medicine targeted itself to be accredited A in 2022, so will be the institution’s accreditation, to become A 3 years to come.

Source: Technical Unit of Public Relations & Protocol


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