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Unimus Students Polish Their Talents and Sensitiveness through a Short Film Festival

Pembukaan Festival Film Pendek Civic Study Club Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang 2017

Semarang | UNIMUS (December 12, 2017) Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang (Unimus) has just held the 1st Short Film Festival organized by Unimus Civic Study Club”. Entitled “Great Youth in Action”, the event was held in Sekolah Luar Biasa (SLB) Building. It was attended by 573 students of the 1st semester from 12 different study programs, members of the Civic Study Club, a club for those taking Pancasila Education and Civic courses. Meidi Saputra, M.Pd., the event’s initiator also the lecturer of Pancasila Education and Civic courses, hoped that through the event, the students would develop their excellent personalities in order to become great generations that always work and produce something as well as get achievements with their works. “This firstly-held short film festival is the tail end of activities in Pancasila Education, Civic, and Sociocultural Science courses, presenting the courses’ products in form of social-themed short films,” Mr. Meidi explained.

Persembahan tari pada acara pembukaan Festival Film Pendek

Held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m, the event ran well, presenting 12 short films with themes dealing with today’s social conditions. Some of those films were “Problem Solver” by Mechanical Engineering students, “Khilaf (Errancy)” by Midwifery students, “Salma” by Accounting students, “Negeri Tanpa Rasa (Tasteless Country)” by Chemical Education students, “Senja untuk Jingga (Orange Twilight)” by Food Technology students, and “Karena Dia (Because of Him)” by English Literature and English Education students. “Several films produced by individual students were also played, such as “Same But Different”, “The Slice of Origami”, “Petuah Bapak (Father’s Wisdom)”, “Cinta Lolly Pup (Lolly Pup Love)”, “Choice” and “Batik Berbicara (Talking Batik)”,” he added. That event was not only to play the films but also give awards to winners in several categories, i.e. best poster, best screenplay writer, best actor, best actress, and best film.

Performance of “Ayahku Pulang (My Father Goes Home), a Play written by Usmar Ismail

“Salma” was chosen as the best film, meanwhile the best actor and actress respectively went to Haris Maksus from Health Analyst (B Program) and Erlita Dwi Septiana Putri from D3 Program in Midwifery. As for the best screenplay, the best writer went to Safira Firdaus and Anisa Indah Cahyanti from Undegraduate Program in Food Technology.


“Salma”, the Best Film Poster, created by Accounting students

Untung Prasetyo Ilham (English Literature student), who became one of the committe members, stated that the event was aimed at fostering the students’ spirit of nationalism in order to create smart and good citizens as well as developing the students’ potentials in creating contemporary works in the global era. “Organized by Unimus’ students, the film festival also has the purpose of empowering the critical minds of the students in facing various civic issues as well as creating youths with integrity and the spirit of nationality. ” he concluded. Success of the event ultimately proves that learning shouldn’t always be held in the classroom. It can also be manifested in creative and unique packages.

Reported by the Technical Unit of Public Relations and Protocol.

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