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Unimus Faculty of Engineering Establishes a New Partnership with Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Semarang | “It is something we cannot simply deny that the use of energy in the world has been increasing day by day. The massive increase of the world’s energy consumption is note followed by the increase of energy production. All this time, crude oil that has been the primary fuel is expected to run out in the next few decades. The prediction and fact has scared the world, especially dealing with the condition of energy that is possibly going to be critical. “It was what Prof. Dr. Rizalman Mamat, dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Universiti Malaysia Pahang in an MoU signing and Visiting Professor event that took place today at Universitas Muhammmadiyah Semarang (UNIMUS).

MoU signing between Unimus Faculty of Engineering and Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Event designed by Unimus Faculty of Engineering was themed “Optimization of Renewable Energy in Facing the World Energy Crisis” (April 13, 2018). The event was held for the organizer wanted to share with the students of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering study programs about the depiction of the most recent oil supplies in the entire world, especially in Indonesia. “If we cannot find any new energy source as an alternative, we will run out of energy in the future. Hence, let us try find new energy sources for the sake of humankind,” stated the alumnus of University of Birmingham in England.

Dr. RM. Bagus Irawan, S.T., M.Si., IPP. as the dean of Unimus Faculty of Engineering also attended the event and delivered some welcome speech in front of the audience. Irawan said that the students of the Faculty of Engineering today should look far ahead because the energy crisis has been a massive issue in many countries now. The new cooperation between Unimus Faculty of Engineering and Universiti Malaysia can become an opportunity for both parties to share with each other knowledge and resources (students). The MoU signing is also related to learning activities at both universities. “Students of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering programs can do some comparative studies, internships as well as work visits at Universitas Malaysia Pahang,’’ he concluded.

Prof. Dr. Rizalman Mamat (dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Universitas Malaysia Pahang delivering material on crisis of energy


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