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Dean of Unimus Faculty of Medicine Inaugurated 8 New Doctors in 15th Professional Oath-taking Ceremony

Unimus | May 14, 2018 Prof. Dr. dr. H. Rifki Muslim, SpB, SpU (K), the dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang (FK Unimus) led an professional oath-taking ceremony for 8 new physicians / doctors that have just graduated from the professional program in Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine at Unimus. The 15th oath-taking ceremony was held in Ramayana Hall of Patrajasa Hotel on Monday, May 14, 2018. The 8 new doctors were dr. Harits Hammam Adhadi, dr. Epsila Ainun Bestari, dr. Dwitari Novalia Harazi, dr. N. Ulfah Azzahro Hariyono, dr. Fransisca Aprilia Megdalena, dr. Rizky Ernita Irawati, dr. Tuti Hadiyanti and dr. Divana Pradika Yanda Putra. The ceremony was attended by Muhammadiyah Provincial Executive Board of Central Java, Vice Rectors of Unimus, Deans at Unimus, Indonesian Medical Association for Semarang Area, representative of Health Office and guests from hospitals in Semarang.

The 8 New Doctors

The dean stated that by the 15th oath-taking ceremony of medical profession, 169 doctors had graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Unimus. “The oath-taking ceremony is one of efforts to make doctors work professionally in order to protect the society. People’s demands dealing with medical profession has increased, meaning that a physician cannot be seen just from his or her knowledge but also profession, which is authoritative, commendable, hospitable, humanist, and highly dedicative. The new doctors are expected to bring the good name of the alma mater of the Faculty of Medicine at Unimus,” he emphasized. He also advised specifically for the new doctors to woke with Islamic work ethic in line with the vision and missions of Unimus. “Never stop learning because learning can be done throughout life. New doctors from Unimus should live good, honest, and credible in order to be safe hereafter,” he added.

Drs. H.M. Tafsir, M.Ag, Chairman of Muhammadiyah Provincial Executive Board of Central Java during a speech

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. H. Masrukhi, M.Pd., through a written greeting read by Dr. Sri Sejeki, M.Kep, Sp.Mat., the Vice Rector II of Unimus, advised the new doctors to make use of the achievement as a capital to serve to the society. “The title ‘doctor’ is the fruit of a tireless, patient, full-of-spirit, resilient struggle dealing with the academic life which has trained the intellectuality and skills. The oath-taking ceremony should be internalized in yourself and becoming the beginning of a heavier new struggle, that is to implement knowledge and values of Islam and think as a moralistic Moslem,” the rector stated.

Reported by the Technical Unit of Public Relations and Protocol


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