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This is what Prof. Din Syamsuddin advised at Unimus during Kajian Halal Bi Halal

Prof. H.M. Din Syamsuddin takes a picture with Rector and Vice Rectors of Unimus as well as members of Unimus Daily Advisory Board and Muhammadiyah Provincial Executive Board of Central Java

Semarang | (June 25, 2018) The first work day after Eid Al Fitr 1439 Hijriyya holiday began with Study of Nationality (Kajian Kebangsaan) Halal Bi Halal and gathering to ask forgiveness (Halal Bi Halal) between academicians at Unimus. Present as a speaker was Prof. H.M Din Syamsuddin, M.A., Ph.D., the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI), who gave a religious lecture entitled “Knitting Brotherhood, Strengthening Integrity”. The event was held at Attaqwa Muhammadiyah Mosque in the area of Unimus. The event was also attended by Muhammadiyah Provincial Executive Board of Central Java, Aisyiyah Provincial Board of Central Java, members of Unimus Daily Advisory Board, Rector of Unimus (Prof. Dr. Masrukhi, M.Pd.), as well as the vice rectors, senior leaders, lecturers, staff, and representives of students of Unimus. Also there was Prof. Dr. Djamaluddin Darwis, M.A, the Rector of Unimus in the period of 2011-2015.

Study of Nationality by Prof. H. M. Din Syamsuddin

Prof. Muhammadi Sirojuddin Syamsuddin (the full name of Prof. Din) stated that Ramadhan worship was not the peak of all prayers but beginning for us to do better worship. All worships in Ramadhan was trainings for humans for self-purification and self empowerment. Prof. Din also explained that Eid Al Fitr was usually ended with silaturahim to strengthen brotherhood. “Knitting ukhuwah means knitting brotherhood. The essence of a genuine brotherhood was humanitarian brotherhood, because of the unity of creation. A genuine human cannot be separated from awareness on humanity. He has to take with him religiosity, which is having humane religion, humanist religiosity,” he revealed.

Academicians of Unimus shake each other’s hands

Prof. Din also advised Indonesian Moslems to do self-introspection in order to improve their qualities. “There is a saying “no longer number counts but quality counts, minority can beats majority, meaning Moslems as the majority in Indonesia would become meaningless if not having a solid integrity. Brotherhood need to be built in empower the integrity. It will result in feeling of togetherness, protecting each other, and empowering each other,” closed the President’s special envoy for religion and civilization dialogue.

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