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Unimus Prepares the Competencies of Future Educators through a Briefing on Educational Internship

Peserta mengikuti pembekalan magang oleh Kepala SMA 15 Semarangf

UNIMUS | Semarang (20/07/2017) 129 students of Chemistry Education, Mathematics Education, and English Education programs at Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang (Unimus) attended a briefing ahead of an educational internship that they will take. The event was opened by the head of the Institute of Educational Development and Quality Assurance (LP3M). The event was also attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Dr. Eny Winaryati, M.Pd.), Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Language and Culture (Yesika Maya Oktarani., M.Hum.) and other invited guests. It took place in the hall of Unimus Nursing Research Center building.

Ketua LP3M Unimus membuka pembekalan magangOn the occasion, Edy Soesant, S.Kp., M.Kes., head of the Institute of Educational Development and Quality Assurance, representing the rector of Unimus, asked the student to get serious during the internship, improve their soft-skills and always remember that they represent Unimus during the program. “All of the participants should be able to show their good performances at the schools, both physically and Islamically, ” he added. It is hoped that through the program, some main competencies that they need to possess as future educators can be possessed so that making them ready to become professional educators in future.

Eko Andy Purnomo, M.Pd., as the committee chairman, stated in his report that the participants of the internship consisted of 44 students of Semester 3 (internship 1 / Magang 1), 40 students of semester 5 (internship / Magang 2) and of semester 7 (internship 3 / Magang 3). “internship 1 will be held for 10 days; meanwhile, internship 2 will be held for 40 days. internship 1 is given to them to form their identities as educators. internship is given to let them get early experiences in accordance with learning instruments writing. Meanwhile, internship 3 is given to them so that they will get early experiences in becoming teacher-assistants in the seventh semester,” he explained. He, furthermore, said that the briefing would be divided into general briefing (July 21, 2017) and special briefing organized by each study program (July 24-28, 2017).

The general briefing was given by the headmaster of 15 Senior High School Semarang (Sholeh Amin., M.Pd.) and the working team of the internship consisting of educational programs’ lecturers at Unimus. The materials given included general knowledge on internship and its technical implementation. On the other hand, the special internship briefing consisted of the preparation of making learning instruments, micro-teaching and scientific article writing. The participants will later take internships at 5 public and private high schools in Semarang, beginning on August 31, 2017, simultaneously.

Reported by the Technical Unit of Public Relations and Protocol.

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