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LSIK Held Professional Young “Mubaligh” Workshop

Reciting Al – Qur’an in opening ceremony of Unimus Young Da’i Workshop

Semarang | 17 Mei 2019 Institute of Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies (LSIK) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang (Unimus) organised “Workshop for Young Da’i”. It was held on Rumah tahfidz Unimus and officially opened by Vice Rector I, Dr. Sri Darmawati, M.Si., and attended by Dean and Head of Study Program in Unimus and the participants. The workshop was engaged by 24 participants from 8 different Faculties in Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang such as four (4) from Faculty of Economics, six (6) from Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, five (5) from Faculty of Engineering, two (2) from Faculty of Foreign Language and Culture, two (2) from Faculty of Dentistry, two (2) from Faculty of Medicine, and two (2) from Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences, and one (1) from Faculty of Public Health.

Report by Head of LSIK and Chairperson of Unimus Gebyar Ramadhan, Rohmat Suprapto, M.Ag.

The event was conducted from 17 – 18 May 2019” themed “Professional Da’i in Milenial Era” aimed at creating and preparing prospective Young Da’i, professional and potential Khotib Jum’at. “This workshop also tries to prepare up-to-date Islamic preacher in community. Besides, Unimus young Dai is expected to bring people in more positive way”, said Rohmat Suprapto.


Vice Rector I, Dr. Sri Darmawati, M.Si. officially opened the workshop

Whereas, Vice Rector I stated that the workshop of Unimus Young Da’i was expected to produce Muhammadiyah cadres who are able to be professional Islamic preacher. She also hoped that the participants will fulfil Muhammadiyah’s expectation to be up-to-date millennial Da’i.

Vice Rector I took picture with Representative of Participants

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