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Commemorating 6th Milad, FKG Unimus Presents Young Hafidz Muzammil Hasballah

Semarang | (08/05/2019) In commemorating the 6th Milad of Faculty of Dentistry at Universitas Muhammadiyah, the committee presented charismatic young Hafidz, Muzammil Hasballah. The tausiyah themed “Sharing usefulness of knowledge by implementing Islamic Millennial Life Style” and attended by hundreds of audiences include students, lecturers, and administration staff from Unimus and from outside of Unimus.

The event was conducted in RSGM Hall of Unimus and opened by delivering donation from FKG Unimus to Dompet Dhuafa of Central Java, followed by the welcoming speech by Prof. Dr. Masrukhi, M.Pd., as Rector of Unimus. He appreciated the event because this was truly inspiring. “I hope this millennial style tausiyah by Muzammil Hasballah can inspire us, especially for these young generation of Unimus,” he ended.

The agenda was continued by sharing the knowledge featuring Muzammil Hasballah as well. In his explanation, an architect who graduated from Institut Tekonologi Bandung (ITB) several years ago, he elaborated that everything he got so far is such blessing from Allah S.W.T. “Do you want to be loved and blessed by Allah? Then, love Al Qur’an. Anything related to Al Quran will be loved and blessed by Allah because Al Quran is kariim, which means precious. Al Quran was firstly revealed in Laylatul Qadar in Ramadhan. It is also revealed to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W through Kiraman bararah, Angel Jibril,” said Muzammil.

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