Unimus was founded in 1999. In its 17th anniversary, Unimus has gradually been developing, for its motto is “tomorrow should be better than today”. Today’s achievement is not the end but the beginning of other achievements.

In the Integrated Campus (Kampus Terpadu/Kampus I, Nursing Research Center (NRC) has been built as the central laboratory of Nursing and Health Analyst, which is quality as well as completed with new equipment supportive to studies in nursing other health-related fields.

Day by day, Unimus is growing big that new faculties are opened and the graduates have shown their qualities. However, not less important than that is that the facilites are also better and better. Unimus always tries to improve the quality and quantity of its facilities available at its campuses, so that it would support the academic activities for the sake of quality graduates.

In spite of having 5 separated campuses, so far it is no problem for Unimus to keep improving its facilities. The quantity of the classroom is continually added as well as the quality of the supporting facilities within is improved. Complete laboratories full of sufficient tools have been provided in order to support the students’ experiments as well as any other practical activities.

in addition to the improved-classroms and laboratories, Unimus also has libraries available at each of its campuses. Among those are a Rectorate library at Kedungmundu I campus (Rectorate), a library at Kedungmundu II (PPNI), a library at Wonodri campus, and a library at Kasipah campus. Each of those libraries are connected to a single network so that the book circulation data is centered in one only served.

Today’s facilities are the manifestations of the past-time dream, when Unimus was firstly established. However, Unimus also has a dream of having more improved facilities, which is once again for the sake of quality graduates.