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Improving the Commitment and Quality, Unimus Held an Annual Work Meeting

Prof. Dr. Masrukhi, Rector of Unimus, is presenting direction and policy in 2018-2019

Semarang | (July 4, 2018) Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang (Unimus) has just held an Annual Work Meeting (Rakerta) on July 3-4, 2018, attended by leaders at Unimus, including Rector, Vice Rectors, Head of Institutes, Bureaus, and Units, and Heads of Study Programs. The agenda included: 1). Commitment Strengthening 2) Presentation and Discussion on Rector’s Policy Direction; 3) Presentation and Discussion of Development of Sectors I-III; and 4) Presentation and Discussion on Institutes and Faculties within Unimus. The meeting was held in Laras Asri Hotel in Salatiga opened by Prof. Dr. Masrukhi., M.Pd., the Rector of Unimus. In his greeting, the stated that, “We need to be thankful for Unimus’ achievements, by the permission of Allah. It represents good performance and synergy between leaders and the rest of academicians at Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang”.

Dr. Sri Darmawati, M.Si,  Vice Rector I of Unimus is presenting the leading programs of Field 1 (Academic Affairs)

On the first day, the agenda began with material presentation on strengthening commitment of leaders and academicians, delivered by Drs. Wahyudi, M.Pd., Head of Unimus Daily Advisory Board. He stated that working based on Islamic values was a part of worship. “Thus, everyone working at Unimus should intend to worship whenever he/she starts an activity for the sake of Unimus’ advancement. In order to build and develop Unimus, we need professionalism supported with commitment and dedication that combine work with life. Commitment is the most important behavior compared to any other behaviors, the essence of integrity and key to trust. Total commitment (kaffah) includes four components. They are discipline, vision, passion, and and conscience,” he said. “Fulfilling the commitment is a behavior that will foster hope and trust from all relations. All academicians at Muhammadiyah should understand that our live is not a game but to run Allah’s mandate/amanah,” he added.

Rector, Vice Rectors, and Deans at Unimus take a pictue together during the Annual Work Meeting

Rector stated that priority program in the academic year 2018-2019 included: (1) Institutional Accreditation (AIPT) to get A at the end of 2019, (2) Good governance to create quality academic climate, (3) enrollment of at least 3000 new students. “There are several targets to reach in 2018-2019. They are (1) 5 study programs are accredited A; (2) Realizing the new study programs’ operation permits, i.e. Professional Program in Midwifery, Master’s Program in Nursing, and Undergraduate Program in Informatics Technology; (3) Operating the Master’s Program in Medical Laboratory Technology; (4) International seminars in every faculty (5) having 2 nationally accredited journals; (6) Facilitating access on internationally-indexed international journals; (7) Significant increase of research and community service grants, either qualitatively or quantitatively; (8) Internalizing 90% of Islamic and Muhammadiyah values (dzuhur in congregation, hadist studies, lail prayer, etc); (9) Improvement of domestic and international partnerships; (10) Financial management quality maintenance and improvement; (11) Asset managerial system development; (11) Lecturer and Staff Welfare Improvement; (12) Functioning the Faculty of Medicine’s building; (13) Finishing the shared learning building, multipurpose building, and the mosque; (15) Initiation of the master plan of the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences’ building; (15) Organizing campus developmental team in Jepara; and (16) Opening the Dental and Oral Hospital for the public,” the Rector explained. He also said that the student affairs would become one of important targets, with primary requirement to improve the students’ achievements in academic sphere. At least, 10 teams of Student Creativity Program would go through the National Student Scientific Week / Pekan Ilmiah Mahassiwa Nasional (Pimnas) in 2019. “Students are the reflection of a higher education institution,” he asserted. The aim of the entire development of Unimus in the future is to implement one of Muhammadiyah’s objectives, which is “Ordering Right and Prohibiting Wrong”, and reach Unimus’ vision, which is to become an excellent, distinctive, and technological-based University with international insight.

Reported by the Technical Unit of Public Relations and Protocol

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