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Rector of Unimus Released 8 Alumni of D3 Nursing to Work in Japan

Dean of Fikkes Unimus delivered the report

Semarang | (30/12/2019) Graduating and finding good aboard at once? Why not? Many graduates are dreaming of working aboard. Someone will not only get priceless experience, but also gain higher salary. Japan is the favourite working destination for fresh graduates. Feeling of overjoyed were reflected in faces of 8 Alumni of D3 Nursing Unimus for they were accepted to work in an institution in Japan.

Rector of Unimus Sends 8 Alumni to Japan

On Monday (30/12/2019), they were sent to work in three different hospitals in Japan by Rector of Unimus, Prof. Dr. Masrukhi, M.Pd. The procession were attended by Vice Rectors of Unimus, Dean of Fikkes, Dr. Ali Rosidi, M.Si., Head and Secretary of Study Programs in Unimus. The graduates will work there for 3 years with several facilities, such as dormitory, salary of minimum 17 million a month, and massive pension in the end of the contract. In the occasion, Rector of Unimus expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the achievement gained by the fabulous 8 from D3 Nursing Unimus. In addition, he reminded to always improve good soft skill, discipline, responsibility, and professionalism. “I believe that you must have been very proud of yourselves that you are accepted in Japanese hospital. This is not easy, because the competition is very rigid, and facts that you can be the winner is absolute”, said Rector. He also expected that in the future, several graduates from different study programs in Unimus can go to Japan for working. For instance, students of FK can practice their co-assistant doctor in some universities in Japan. Of course, they have to master Japanese language and culture.

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