Semarang | (17/01/2002) English Literature Undergraduate Program of Unimus performed English Theatre in the 6th floor of GKB Building. This agenda was attended by Dean of FBBA Yesika Maya Ocktarani, S.S., M.Hum, Head of English Literature Undergraduate Program, Heri Dwi Santoso, S.S, M.Hum, lecturers and all student of FBBA and other faculties in Unimus. Just like the previous theatre performances, this show applied alteration concept or in other word, it altered another literature genre into drama performance. At this point, students of English Literature adapted legendary roman entitled “Sitti Nurbaya” written by Marah Rusli.

Theatre includes in the curriculum of FBBA Unimus. Dean remarked that, “Theatre performance is the annual program in” Theatre” subject. It is also the final project of the subject. Furthermore, this will give different learning atmosphere for students. “Drama performance aims also at one of efforts to create greater students with soft skills such as to promote creativity, innovation, and self-confidence in front of public, so that, after graduating, students will have any special skill and get ready to compete in the workplace” she added.

The event was started at 7 in the evening, and supported by several musical performances from students, lecturers and staffs in FBBA. Sitti Nurbaya and Datok Maringgih were outstandingly starred by Umi Khaerozah and Zaenal Arifin, whereas Samsul Bahri was starred by Cipto Saputro, that also National Wall climbing athlete. As the alteration project, the storyline referred to the existing story with several adaptation included adding, reducing, and adjusting of the story, as well as translating, became great challenge for students.

Heri Dwi Santoso, Head of English Literature Undergraduate Program stated that in the future theatres produced by English Literature will perform alteration concept that become the characteristic of the program. Heri added that there were important moral values gained through this theatre performance. “The story is not only interesting but also there is lesson learnt from it. This theatre conveyed a meaning that as human and social beings, we have to appreciate, help, and respect each other, create tranquil vicinity, and avoid fighting to create peacefulness.” he ended

The performance was full of excitement and cheers from the audiences. Every people enjoyed the show a lot. Besides drama performance, the audiences were also entertained by musical performances.

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