Top of pageResultsComparison of PA DCM and non PA DCMAmong the 29 subjects, there were 14 cases of PA DCM and 15 cases of non PA DCM (Table 1). Of the 14 cases of PA DCM, 12 were diagnosed in the first trimester and 2 in the second trimester. Ten of the PA DCM cases presented with general fatigue and dyspnea on light exertion, two had night dyspnea and two had dyspnea and increasing leg and pretibial edema.

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This overall concept is termed the core category.5, 6 The core category, which groups and organises the categories in this study, is dental nursing.For the dental nurses interviewed the core category of dental nursing explain ed the process of being a dental nurse in general dental practice. Nursing in the surgery seemed to parallel work at home. Whether in the surgery or at home these women stated that they answered the telephone, paid the bills, took money, etc.Examining the categories4, 5, 6The next stage is to examine the elements or categories that illuminate the social process of being a dental nurse.

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Okay, the tech told me different the first time, but here’s the The power light does not come on. However, he checked the circuit and the system is getting power all the way to the main transistor. This was just standard nautical practice. Sailors there in distress and said they would release them and released them like ordinary nations would do. Nine American men and one woman were held in an Iranian base on Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf after being detained nearby on Tuesday.