Semarang | 9 Jauary 2020, located in the 3rd floor of RSGM Hall, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Muhammaiyah Semarang (Unimus) organised Visiting Profesor Program attended by Dean (Dr. RM. Bagus Irawan, ST., M.Si., IPM.) Head of Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Program, Electronic Engineering Undergraduate Program, lecturers & academician society, and 250 students of Faculty of Engineering (FT). This agenda invited Prof. Dr. Anton Satria Prabuwono, a lecturer of King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia. It was expected that the agenda would be beneficial.

Speaker took picture with the Board Executives of Faculty of Engineering (FT) Unimus

Dean remarked that the Visiting Profesor Program is the annual agenda conducted by Faculty of Engineering Unimus to invite competent and technocrat speakers in industrial sector. Besides, this agenda was organised as a steps to promote academic atmosphere in campus and encourage students to upgrade their knowledge in their discipline (engineering) by listening to materials from many professors in every similar events.

Dean Remark in Visiting Profesor Program

By promoting interesting theme such as “The Computer and Robotic Vision for Industrial Application”, Dean invited competent speaker from one of distinguished universities in the world, King Abdul Aziz University. It was expected that students would increase their knowledge about computer and robotics that will bring more positive and significant impact in nowadays industry. Thus, the positive impact including, more good contribution and assist human to do their job in order to lessen dangerous risk that might be experienced by workers in industrial sector. Furthermore, computer and robotics assistance will be beneficial in term of its rapidness, acceleration, and accurateness, to decrease human error risk that might be happened. Thus, good and appropriate output are produced. Finally, Dean told students to be actively engaged in the agenda to get any information and knowledge to improve themselves.

Head of the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Program delivered certificates to students


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