DPK PPNI Unimus bersama Dekan Fikkes, DPW PPNI Kota Semarang dan DPD PPNI Provinsi Jawa Tengah
DPK PPNI Unimus along with the Dean of Fikkes, DPW PPNI of Semarang City and DPD PPNI of Central Java Province

Semarang │ April 22, 2017 22 lecturers of the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences (Fikkes) of the University of Muhammadiyah Semarang (Unimus) were appointed as the Unimus Commissariat Committee (DPK) member of Indonesia National Nurses Association (PPNI) for the Period of 2017-2022. The inauguration ceremony was led by the chairperson of the Regional Executive Board of PPNI, represented by the secretary of DPD PPNI of Semarang City (M. Hasib Ardani., SKp., M.Kes). Also attending the event was chairperson of the Provincial Executive Board of Central Java and the dean of Fikkes Unimus.

Sekretaris DPW PPNI Kota Semarang melantik pengurus DPK PPNI Unimus
Secretary of the Regional Executive Board of Indonesia National Nurses Association of Semarang City appointed the committee members of Unimus Commissariat Committee of PPNI 

Dean of Fikkes Unimus (Dr. Budi Santosa., SKM., M.Si.Med) in his greeting stated that “our existence in the professional organization was something really required for, related to our competence, the committee has to have an active role in improving the professional organisation.” He added that “the professional organisation gives a value added to the study program’s accreditation. Even, it doesn’t only become one of the requirements of the accreditation that the active role in professional organizations is needed. To become members of a professional organization’s committee takes much time so that we need to carefully manage the time and learn to be sincere in  doing this.”. The dean hoped that the Unimus Commissariat of PPNI could be seen having more value compared to any other commissariats.

Those appointed consisted of the chairperson, secretary, treasurer, organization sections such as cadre and law, education and training, research, information and communication system, service and welfare affairs. The appointed chairperson of DPK PPNI Unimus (Ns. Chanif., S.Kep., MNS) stated that it was the first time that Unimus had a Commissariat of PPNI. “Becoming a committee member of PPNI is heavy mandate that has to be done. It needs the commitment of all of the members, full supports from the study program and the senior leaders of the faculty and University in order to properly run the organization” stated the chairperson. It is hoped that with the establishment of the commissariat, those appointed can help develop the potentials as well as making it as a medium to improve the career as nurses, in addition to the job as lecturers, in order to give the best contributions to the society.

Reported by the Technical Unit of Public Relations and Protocol.