Young Cadres of Unimus’ Muhammadiyah College Student Association (IMM) taking picture with children and administrators of Rumah Harapan Indonesia (RHI) Semarang

Semarang | June 2, 2018 Young cadres of Muhammadiyah was demanded to implement religiousity, intellectuality, and humanity. The applications can be done though various occassions such as social service and happiness sharing, as done by Muhammadiyah Health Student Association (IMKM) who fullfill Ramadhan of 1439 Hijriyya with a social service entitled “Sharing Health” conducted at Rumah Harapan Indonesia (RHI), one of halfway houses in Semarang today (6/2/2018. IMKM is a health group from Muhammadiyah College Student Association (IMM) of Ar-Razy Unimus.

Young Cadres of Unimus’ Muhammadiyah College Student Association (IMM) guiding halfway house children in story telling and coloring activities

Ragil Pangestu, the committe chairman, stated that the event was aimed at improving their gratitudes as well as sensitiveness and awareness on fellow human beings. “Through the health sharing event, the young cadres of IMM share happiness with children suffering chronical diseases such as leukemia and cancer though some activities including coloring, story telling, and games,” he explained. In this event, the young cadres also handedover some parcels containing Iqra, Islamic, and story books as well as groceries and some others. The event was held as a realization of one of Moslems’ obligations dealing with sharing with others, based on the Prophet’s words collected by Habrani: “The principal deed is sharing the happiness with a believer, you cover his private body, fill his stomach, or complete his needs”.

Reported by the Technical Unit of Public Relations and Protocol.